The faith communities are groups of people who
meet regularly in homes for prayer and worship and
studying the scriptures. This also gives an
opportunity for the group members to know each
other better and also know their needs.


During 1989-90, while doing his Seminary internship
in Delhi, India, Dr. Nathaniel started Christ-satsangh
which was appreciated by people of other faith.
With the same inspiration, he continues to do
satsanghs for many communities here in the Bay
Area to experience Christ and His teachings.

The word "Satsangh" comes from the Sanskrit word
meaning a community that celebrates the truth. It is
an eastern practice that had come from India and
very well practised by many other religious groups.
It is a simple form of worship and meditation that
allows people to chant the name of Christ, listen to
the goodness that Christ gives and share with
others their experience.


Trainings are organized for the people who are
interested in starting new faith groups of the
followers. The training is also available for the
followers who want to explore reaching the south
Asian communites through contextualize worship
called Satsangh. There is a great need of South
Asian leaders who want to be the leaders in their
own community.  There are help and support
available for such followers.
Church Planting Ministries