South Asian Church
Networking with South Asian churches in California

The Holy Bible tells us a story about a young man who comes
to our Lord Jesus and asked him that what else could he do to
inherit eternal life.  Our Lord asked him to follow all the
commandments given and in response to that, this young man
answered that he has been doing that from his childhood.  
Then the Lord said to him that he lacked one thing and the
Lord commanded him to go and sell all he had and follow the

The scriptures tell us further that this young man felt sad
after listening to the Lord's command because he was a rich

There is always something that might become an obstacles in
our spiritual life.  It seems from the scriptures that probably
the young man who came to Jesus loved his  wealth so much
and had difficulty giving it up.  This may have been his
obstacle in his spirituality and even after being invited by the
Lord himself, he did not want to leave his wealth to be
Jesus's follower.   It is up to us to discover what is our
spiritual obstacle and how could be grow as a disciple of
Christ our Lord.

The south Asian Church Network has a vision to reach the
south Asian communities in the Bay Area with the message of
our Lord Jesus and help the Asian Communities grow in love
of our Lord.

The South Asian Church Network family is always available
to the families who are going through any kind of difficulty
by pastoral care, bible study, Yeshu satsangh, prayers and
other ministries.

We believe that there is an answer to our spiritual struggle
and that we can find in our Lord Jesus Christ and by his
message of love and salvation through his great sacrifice.


Rev. Dr. William Nathaniel
South Asian Church Network